Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Here’s to 30,000 hits

It is amazing how life can get in the way. I was on quite a roll with this blog, when life got busy. Not too much after “Robvogt80s” passed 30,000 hits, I stopped posting for six months. Now, I am back – in a new place, and a new commitment to post in this blog.

Reaching 30,000
Once word spreads, even just a little, we can reach these milestones faster and faster. I could not believe how quickly 30,000 hits came on the heels of three years. There was way more time between one year and 10,000 hits, and two years and 20,000 hits.

Another observation I have made over these 30,000 hits is how addictive receiving comments can be. It is the classic phenomenon of random reinforcement. Once I periodically started receiving comments on this blog, I started actively looking for the next comment. It is strangely addictive.

I likely would think otherwise if the comments were not, for the most part, positive.

The other thing about receiving comments is the tacit realization people are actually reading what has been posted and valuing it enough to take the time to respond.

Even without posting for as long as I did, the number of hits kept piling up. It shows there is progression on this blog. Moreover, once I started posting again, the number of posts exploded again. So, what I learned here is that the blog will still receive some hits, no matter how dormant – or allegedly abandoned – it is.

Parting thoughts
The truth is, I started this post so long ago that 30,000 hits was a new milestone. Besides that, I stopped posting for so long, most of the momentum, and observations, are long gone.

Instead, as I have said before, I am now re-committing to posting in this blog regularly.

When I hit 40,000 hits, maybe I will have some more salient observations.

Until then, the overriding feeling I have is this: it is good to be back!

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