Monday, 31 March 2014

Here's to 10,000…

Well, today we hit another milestone on this blog. Although it really does not mean that much, March 31 was the day we hit 10,000 pageviews.

What does it mean?
It really is hard to tell who visits this blog, who reads it, and what people's impressions are. There are only a couple indicators. One is the comments, but I have discovered it is a long way from a having a thought to actually putting finger to keyboard. The counter is the other, but it is deceptive, because it counts all pageviews, including my own. That means every time I work on a post, I'm sure it bumps up the count.

I guess I could change the setting so it does not count my pageviews, but why do that? I find something encouraging, motivating, and even edifying about that number going up and up.

I guess I'll see you all when I hit another milestone, whatever that may be.

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