Friday, 25 October 2013

Celebrating the century mark: It's been hard

Just now I posted my 100th entry on RobVogt80s, and I thought it a good time to pause for just a bit of reflection.

Hard to believe
It is hard to believe I have made 100 posts. However, if you know me you'd know how full my head is of wild, woolly and weird trivia and experiences from the '80s.

We covered a lot of ground from sports, TV and movies, to music and even a few current events. I am excited to see what the next hundred posts will be like.

Hard to do
Never did I think it would be this hard to come up with topics every day, as I set out to do. It takes time for ideas, and memories to percolate. Oddly, ideas seem to come in bunches. As an example, today I put four more in the incubator.

Hard to take
The other thing, I thought I would see after 100 entries is more comments posted on the blog. Then I realized people may neither think of it nor feel comfortable posting comments. That's something I totally understand.

Hard not to smile
Having said that, it is amazing the number of e-mails and comments off the street I have heard about my blog. For something that started as a way to get all my thoughts out, it has turned out pretty well.

I'll see you 100 posts from now – or tomorrow.

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