Thursday, 4 July 2013

From "Star Trek" to “Body of Proof”: Remembering “Legmen”

Bruce Greenwood and
J.T. Terlesky in 1984's "Legmen"
What do “Star Trek Into the Darkness” and “Body of Proof" have in common? And what do they have to do with the ‘80s?

There are places – or shows – I remember
Back in 1984 there was a show that caught my eye called "Legmen". Two college students went to work for a bail bondsman to earn some extra money, and got more than they bargained for. We never really found out how it worked out for them because the show only lasted six episodes.

There may only be a handful of people who remember "Legmen". It was a show that appeared on Channel 2&7 on peasant vision in the latter part of Grade 9. It was paired with another mid-season replacement called “The Master”, featuring Lee Van Cleef and Timothy Van Patten. More than the show itself, I remember one of my classmates who just raved about it. That's what actually kept me watching it, more than being interested in the show itself.

Legacy of "Legmen"
It's interesting how things turn out. The title characters, Jack Gage and David Taylor, were played by Bruce Greenwood and J.T. Terlesky respectively. Although neither of them has been a breakout star, they have both had long careers in TV and movies.

This year, Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood resumed his role as Captain Christopher Pike in "Star Trek: Into the Darkness”, a role he created in J.J. Abrams 2008 re-boot of “Star Trek”. He has been productive the past 30 years in movies such as "Super 8", "Barney's Version", "I, Robot", "The Sweet Hereafter", and "Exotica", and television shows such as "St. Elsewhere", "Road to Avonlea", and "Knot's Landing". He also turned in an amazing performance as American president John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis in "Thirteen Days".

Meanwhile, John Terlesky has been busy directing episodes of TV shows such as the ABC procedural “Body of Proof”, starring Dana Delany; "Castle" starring Canadians Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic; "Revenge" starring Canadian Emily VanCamp; "Criminal Minds"; "Gossip Girl"; "Drop Dead Diva"; "Boston Legal"; "Grey's Anatomy"; "Ugly Betty"; and much more.

In the span of a few days, I'd seen both those names – Bruce Greenwood and John Terlesky – and they rang a bell. Why? I thought. Then it came to me. John Terlesky used to go by J.T. Terlesky.

Even though it only lasted six episodes almost 30 years ago, it is imprinted in my mind along with so many other memories of the end of junior high. No matter what they have accomplished since, whenever I see those two names, I think of a simpler time back in St. Joeseph's Elementary/Junior High in Coaldale, Alberta. Because that's when I saw "Legmen".


  1. Loved reading this. It's so very true and is exactly the same position I was in (still am, ha). Though I don't think position is a the right word. If only we got those 6 eps on DVD my 'misspent' youth would be complete! Well kind of Still love watching Bruce and John has made his mark as a director on so many TV shows.

  2. ....Wow, after all these years, i still remember the aussie Promo for the new series, 'Legmen', thanks to John Terlesky, the dark-haired dreamboat.

    When i first laid eyes on John Terlesky, i thought, 'What a hunk', he looked like a typical american high school jock, so good looking, although, i couldn't say the same for Bruce Greenwood, but i was definitely looking forward to watching the first episode in the summer of '85
    ....During the mid 80's, the most popular television dramas were 'Dallas', 'Dynasty' & Knots Landing, this definitely wasn't anything like a 'Soap' drama, more like Police drama for younger audience, it was quite entertaining, similar to 'Houston Knights' starring another 80's hunk, "Michael Pare', unfortunately, it was cancelled after 6 episodes, but i'm glad i had the opportunity to watch all 6 episodes the summer of '85.