Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cash in on "Bud the Spud"

No matter what your political preferences are, something pretty special occurred on Parliament Hill a couple days ago. The NDP caucus paid tribute to Canadian musical icon Stompin' Tom Connors in the lobby of the House of Commons by singing his classic "Bud the Spud". It was something uniquely Canadian because I really can't see American legislators pulling out the guitars and singing in the Capitol. In any event, it was a touching gesture, led from left by Charlie Angus, Megan Leslie, and Andrew Cash.

The album cover for Andrew Cash's debut album
"Time and Place". The title track could be heard
all over college campuses in 1988.

Back in the day
Andrew Cash is a first-term MP representing the Davenport constituency in the Toronto-area, after beating Liberal incumbent Mario Silva in the 2011 federal election.

But I remember Andrew Cash from my first year of university back in 1987-1988 when he lit up college campuses with his hit "Time and Place". It was part of kind of a folksy Canadian scene along with Grapes of Wrath, the Northern Pikes, The Skydiggers, and others. That's not a coincidence because Andrew's brother Peter Cash was a member of the Skydiggers. They eventually would unite to form the Cash Brothers. Do you remember "Time and Place"?

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