Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Launching RobVogt80s

Today is September 11, eleven years to the day since the world changed. In my own corner of the world, I began a brand new job in a new town the day before the world changed. It was a new adventure eleven years ago and one day. I have always respected milestones and anniversaries and been interested in the interconnectedness of the world. In the past, I have launched new projects on Sept. 11 to commemorate the occasion. For a long time I have also thought about how I could reflect on a formative period in my life – the 1980s. I have so many memories and thoughts I would like to share. Being a writer, it seemed logical the best place to do that would be to start my own blog.

So, bearing all this in mind, I am starting a new adventure – my own blog about the 1980s. I was advised to make the name unique for those who may want to find it. So, throwing privacy to the wind, I am launching RobVogt80s. It's going to be a place to talk about the things that influenced my life then, and how they still do. It's mostly going to be about TV, and movies, and music, and sports. There will be other pop culture stuff, like video games, and computers, and toys. There will be some "current events" stuff too, and whatever else from the '80s comes to mind. It'll be like opening an old drawer and seeing what's inside.

There is a place and time…

This was home growing up from birth until I left home 17.5 years later to go to university. Our farm was located six miles north and a mile and a half west of Coaldale, a town of just less than 5,000 people back then. Seven and a half miles may not seem like much, but to a kid growing up with no licence and faced with sprawling land in all directions, it was an eternity. The only time I saw my friends was at school, but the school bus ensured I never hung around after school, unless I made special arrangements which was rare. That would change somewhat when I got to high school and earned my licence.

Consequently, I occupied my time, when I wasn't out playing or working on the farm, by watching TV, reading books, and listening to music. So much of life, and so many memories, are attached to the songs I listened to, shows I watched, and events I witnessed. That's the stuff I'm going to start talking about.

Oh, one more thing. This photo was used to create this painting, which hung in our living room for years until my parents moved to the city.

Whenever the show Dallas came on, the opening credits began with that aerial view of the Southfork ranch. This painting always reminded of that. It was our very own Southfork – you know without the oil, and the cattle, and the back stabbing, and the drama.

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